Tom did an excellent job of touring as around the local wineries , we had an excellent time and got to see some of the smaller more intimate wineries , good choice Tom ,thanks again for the wonderful time

Reviewed September 13, 2019

Wine tour with our neighbours

A wonderful sightseeing

It was one of the best sightseeings ever. YOU get the time to see and Santa is the best guide we ever had. He makes our holiday indelible. We are coming back thats for sure


Reviewed June 29, 2019

A wonderful sightseeing

I live and work in the beautiful Okanagan, so I have been on my fair share of wine tours, and Tom is one of the best! He was funny, informative, professional, a fantastic driver, and kept our bachelorette group fully entertained and hydrated during a full day of touring in the South Okanagan. Cannot recommend Tom and his company enough!

Caitlin B
Reviewed May 24, 2019

Thank you Santa!

Tom is the best!

Tom took us out for my bachelorette and we had an amazing time! He was professional, fun, informative and a good driver. We liked the Wineries he took us to and the photos he took were awesome! Highly recommended by all us girls :)

Sarah l
Reviewed May 23, 2019

Tom is the best!

Great winery tour

Tom, our tour guide, was very informative, friendly and obliging. He chose a great selection of wineries for us to sample and gave us very useful and impartial advice. It was great value for money and I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting this area.
Denise & John
Isle of Wight, UK

Reviewed May 19, 2019

Great winery tour

A Fantastic Day in Summerland

I live in Summerland and have visited some of the wineries, but when I had visitors come from the UK, i decided to book Tom so that I could enjoy the wine as well. Tom gave us a fabulous tour of wineries I hadn't been to and a couple I had been, but I learned so much more about wines. Tom is very knowledgeable of the area, wines and we had a great time. We highly recommend Tom and Savour the Okanagan Tours. We'll definitely do it again.

Reviewed May 18, 2019

A Fantastic Day in Summerland

My friend and I have visited Kelowna and its wineries a few times, but decided we wanted more of a personalized wine tour of the Lake country wineries. We wanted someone who knew the area, and after reading reviews, decided on Savour the Okanagen. Tom was very prompt on his pick up, and certainly didnt disappoint us on the tour. As he grew up in the area he was a wealth of knowledge. The wineries he chose for us were all amazing!! Loved everything about the tour, many Thanks Tom!! P.S.- what were the chances of running into you that night!! You definately look at home on that bike!

Reviewed August 13, 2018

Great personalized wine tour

My fiance and I spent the day touring Kelowna & Naramata wineries with Tom, and everything about our day was absolutely perfect. Having spent a lot of time in Kelowna over the past number of years ourselves, and having visited a lot of the wineries in the region already, Tom managed to pull a whole day's worth of new, unique, and fantastic wineries out that we'd never been to. 

He was extremely knowledgeable about not only the region, but the wines and wine-making process itself, and made for a fantastic time from start to finish. 100% would recommend Savour the Okanagan to anyone, regardless of whether you're new to the region or already well-versed in Okanagan wines.

Glenn E
Reviewed August 6, 2018

Perfect day!

Thanks to Santa Tom for an awesome day out in Lake Country! We brought my parents out for vacation and Tom provided us with a fun-filled day of wine tours and history lessons with lots of consideration for our tastes and for my dad’s mobility issues. Santa is the only tour guide you need and if you behave he might visit you in December!


Kristian C
Reviewed July 15, 2018

Summer with Santa

We spent two nights in Penticton during our roadtrip in British Columbia and Alberta. To get to know the Okanagan Valley wineries we booked a tour with Santa Tom. It was just us two girls and Santa Tom - so really a personal and flexibel tour. We visited 6 wineries and one distillery in Naramata and Okanagan Falls. Tom told us a lot about wine, the Okanagan region and about Canada in general. The wineries we visited were all quite different and every wine had its individual taste. Unfortunately we couldn't buy too many bottles, otherwise our suitcases would have been too heavy for our flight back to Europe. Tom provided cold water for us and took pictures of us at every winery. I would definitely book a tour again with Santa Tom - there are so many more wineries in the region to see. So when you are in the Okanagan Valley you should absolutely take a tour with Santa Tom. We had a really amazing day with him and can only recommend him as your personal tour guide!! :-D

Reviewed June 23, 2018

The perfect wine tour

Tom is absolutely fabulous. We have toured with him three times now and will again and again. Our tours were highly personalized, Tom is very knowledgeable and affable. Looking forward to our next rendezvous!

Alicia G
Reviewed June 15, 2018

Annual Birthday Wine Tour with Tom!

After extremely short notice and being slighted by another company. Tom came to the rescue and gave us a better, more affordable and more extensive private tour. He was so knowledgeable and helpful for me being in a wheelchair, he took amazing pictures of our group at each stop, and he even took the time to say hello to my kids on FaceTime as Santa! I can not recommend him enough, we had such a great day!! Thank you so much Tom!!


Calen H
Reviewed May 21, 2018

Santa Tom saved the day!!

We had a group of 10 friends and Tom took us around Kelowna for the afternoon. SANTA TOM IS GREAT! He is so full of information about the area, the local wines and the industry that we all (even having grown up in the Okanagan) had an "I didn't know that!" moment throughout the afternoon. With our big group of mixed tastes and very little specifics of what types of wines we liked ahead of time Tom picked fabulous wineries that we all enjoyed! It was an all around amazing experience!

Emily M
Reviewed November 15, 2017


Spent the afternoon with Tom on a customized tour. He spent time with us to get an idea of what we like and took us to some great wineries in the Kelowna area. We learned some new things about wine making (and drinking), and would definitely recommend Tom!

Marilyn & Mike
Reviewed October 2, 2017


Wir waren auf der Suche nach einer individuellen Weintour und haben uns aufgrund der Bewertungen bei TripAdvisor für Santa Tom entschieden. Unsere Erwartungen wurden übertroffen und wir haben mit Tom einen tollen Tag verbracht. Wir besuchten 5 Weingüter in 6 Stunden und haben sowohl von Tom, als auch von den Weingut Angestellten bzw. Winzern selbst, viel über den Weinbau in der Region erfahren...und natürlich probiert! Besonders gut gefallen und schwer beeindruckt hat uns das Weingut "Rust". Tom wählt je nach Geschmack und Destination seiner Gäste (bei uns war es Osoyoos) Weingüter aus, die er auf der Tour besucht. Wir haben uns unglaublich wohl gefühlt. Tom ist sehr herzlich und ein absolutes Unikat! Wir können seine Tour uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen! Vielen Dank, Tom, für den unvergesslichen Tag!

Google Translation



"A wonderful day!"
 20 Sep 2017  Anja L
We were looking for an individual wine tour and chose based on the reviews on TripAdvisor for Santa Tom. Our expectations were exceeded and we spent a great day with Tom. We visited five wineries in 6 hours, and have experienced both of Tom, as well as the winery staff and winemakers themselves much about viticulture in the region ... and of course tried! We particularly enjoyed and impressed us the vineyard "Rust". Tom chooses to taste and destination guests (for us it was Osoyoos) wineries, which he visited on the tour. We felt comfortable unbelievable. Tom is very warm and unique! We can recommend his tour without restriction! Thank you, Tom, for a memorable day!

Anja L
Reviewed September 20, 2017

Review on TripAdvisor

We (a group of 8 girls) did a wine tour in the Oliver/OK falls area. This was the best wine tour I have been on. Santa knew tons of history about the area. We told him which wineries and he scheduled the day perfectly.

Reviewed September 18, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

Fantastic experience all around,Santa Tom was knowledgeable, personable and very accommodating, loved it would highly recommend him

Reviewed August 16, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

Tom is wonderful. He knows everything about the region and the wine. He find out very fast what we liked in wine and brought us to best places in all the valley. We took the fill me thrill me tour and we had a very amazing time. It's like if a friend took you on a tour.

Thank you so much Tom for this memorable day with you in this beautiful region!

Dominique B
Reviewed July 22, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

Santa Tom!!!! muchas gracias!!!!. It was an amazing experience. You are the best tour guide I have met in my life.

Xiomar P
Reviewed July 6, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

I am from Kelowna and had the privilege of getting on a West Kelowna wine tour with 3 of my friends. Tom is an excellent tour guide. e taught us all so much about Kelowna & the wineries that we didn't know. He is a very nice guide. Very thoughtful and relaxed. When I go on a tour again. I know who I will be calling

Reviewed June 29, 2017

So much fun and learning!

I had the great pleasure of spending a day and a half with Tom Kliner recently, touring a variety of vineyards in the Okanagan. The first day got off to a great start when he picked us up at the airport and we head for the Naramata Bench. The second day, we went south in the direction of Oliver. Tom has lived in the Okanagan for several decades and has worked in the wine industry there for almost as long. He has a sound appreciation of the terroir. He can speak intelligently about the wines made in the Okanagan, without intimidating to the wine novice. I liked he fact that he didn't take us to just the well-known vineyards; we went to a number of lovely vineyards that I hadn't heard of before, and probably would not have been exposed to otherwise.

Carol Treardon
Reviewed June 18, 2017

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We really enjoyed our two days with Tom. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and very personable. His recommendations for wineries and restaurants were excellent. I would book with him again if I have the opportunity.

Di H
Reviewed June 17, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

The saying is that you learn more about your own backyard when people come to visit. The other way is to grab Santa Tom, because he certainly knows my town better than I do! We did a nice relaxed tour, and he showed us some hidden gems we have driven by so many times. Go ahead, ask him about the wine, the winery, and everything surrounding it. Everyone was all smiles, and we will be back on the bus in a month to do another area. Thanks for a great Okanagan day off! And yes, the kids loved it too ;-) One winery had animals as well as a great view, and really good organic wine, and was a hit for all.

Reviewed May 23, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

Another great weekend in the Okanagan made even better with our wine tour, provided by Savour the Okanagan Tours.

Santa Tom was very engaging and provided a narrative for each winery we visited. He escorted us into the wineries and snapped photos for us. His easy going nature made him feel like part of the group.

As for the quality of service, He was also concerned we stay hydrated and had water on hand so we could fully enjoy the wine tasting. Santa Tom also called ahead to both a restaurant and winery to see if they could accommodate us before going. Even though it is not quite summer the air-conditioned van was a welcome treat. It also has big windows to enjoy the amazing view.

I highly recommend an outing with a Savour the Okanagan Tours. A great time was had by all, even the kids in the group.

Lynn B
Reviewed May 22, 2017

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We had an amazing tour today with 'Savour the Okanagan Tours". Santa Tom delighted the kids and the adults got to enjoy some of the hidden away gems of West Kelowna and Summerland. We loved the flexibility and the friendly atmosphere. It was an amazing trip. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get off the beaten path and travel the wine region with a local who really knows the industry.

Kirsten B
Reviewed May 21, 2017

View on TripAdvisor

Took a tour of West Kelowna wineries with "Santa" Tom with our group and had a super fun time. He was super flexible and adapted the tour so we got exactly what we wanted. He phoned ahead to all of the wineries so they were ready for us and were able to provide us with the best experience. He was a knowledgeable tour guide and kept us moving along extremely well. The man seems to know EVERYONE and greatly worked that to our advantage. Would not hesitate to book with him again.

Reviewed April 23, 2017

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We had Tom as our guide for the 'Promise Ring' tour who in addition to chauffeuring us around all day and answering any questions we may have had regarding wine, told us about historical landmarks and places in the Okanagan! 

Having little to no prior knowledge regarding wine (just that we liked white more than red...or so we thought) before this tour, we found we were not out of place and that Tom as well as the wineries in Summerland were very accommodating and willing to teach us about the process to making wine and the differences in individual bottles of wine. 

We now understand our own preferences to wine and where we can get them! Though we only saw 5 of the 320+ wineries in the Okanagan Valley we feel that we learnt a bucket-load! When returning for another visit to BC we will be sure to go with Wine You Ways Tour Company again!! Fully recommend!!

Jessica K.
Reviewed September 11, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Tom picked us up from the hotel and dropped us back at the end of the tour, asked and tended to our wine preference while also introducing us to new wine. We loved everything about this tour, the knowledge, the company, tom's great personality, the ambiance and of course the WINE!!! 

My husband and I had such a blast and the icing on the cake was we found a winery gem that made us go back the next day on our own and buy a whole case !!!!

Thanks WINE YOUR WAY TOURS for such an amazing experience.

Reviewed September 9, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We took the "Promise Ring' tour with Tom. He was very informative and explained about the area and the Wineries we were visiting which were outstanding. The lunch was exceptional (fruit, bread, cold meats, nuts and wine) and the day flew by!

Great Day...thanks

Reviewed September 6, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We were in Kelowna for our daughter's wedding. A group of 15 of us enjoyed the "Afternoon Romp" wine tour with our fantastic tour guide, Tom. We visited 4 different wineries. Tom was extremely knowledgeable about the wine, the vineyards, and the history of the area. We enjoyed each stop - never felt rushed. The price was great value for the service and the experience.

Catherine W.
Reviewed August 23, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We spent a week in the Okanagan and what better way to start our week than going wine touring. I booked the Naramata six hour tour about 10 days in advance for my husband and I. Michelle was very personable on the phone and super easy to book with. I have some food restictions and allergies and I was able to bring my own lunch due to this with a small discount to reflect this.

We were picked up within 10 minutes of our booked time ( no fault of Tom's as there was traffic to deal with .) and after a quick chat with Tom our guide and driver we were on our way. We ended up having the tour all to ourselves which was a treat !

Tom was very easy going and down to earth. He was kind enough to make a stop at Dirty Laundry on our way out to Naramata as we had heard that it was a place not to miss.

Tom was full of information on the surrounding areas and brought us to some wonderful wineries.

We stopped and had our picnic lunch at Bench 1775 and the view and Tom's company was great.

We stopped at two more wineries after lunch and then headed back right on schedule.

We would highly recommend booking with Wine Your Way Tours and will be booking again next time we are in the Okanagan.

Reviewed August 15, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Had a fantastic day with our guide Tom. He was very knowledgeable about the area and all the different wineries. Tom was able to customize the tour to our personal preferences and taste buds! Not to mention he was good company. :)

It was really easy to book with Wine Your Way Tours. I emailed Shalyn and she emailed me back right away. 

We highly recommend this company for a wine tour! We were not disappointed with our pick of the Promise Ring Tour with a charcuterie picnic. It was so much fun! The food and wine was delicious! 

Dana V.
Reviewed July 14, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Our tour guide Tom was phenomenal, such a great person to company you on the journey. He educated us on the history of Kelowna and the wineries we visited. I loved that we visited small family owned wineries, all of them have a charming story and somehow give back either through a sustainability program or donate a portion of the proceeds, so you drink great wine and feel extra good about it. You wouldn't get this quality of experience any other way.

Shahr S.
Reviewed July 5, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We had a great day with Tom our tour guide who went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to visit some truly great wineries!

Reviewed July 2, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Had a great day touring with Tom for the second time. So knowledgable,with lots of great stories. Would highly recommend this company. Also great to meet Shaylyn the owner.

Lynne M.
Reviewed June 19, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

This tour was a lot of fun! I went with my dad and we both were able to try very different tastes than what we're used to and bought some wine our self from every winery we went to! The Tour Guide Tom was very fun and friendly, had a lot of knowledge and considered our preferences and previous experiences when deciding where to take us or what to try. 

Great experience!

Isha S.
Reviewed June 2, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Went for an afternoon wine tour with Tom as our guide. He asked us some simple questions to pick the wineries that would best suit our taste and was spot on. Tom was also extremely informative and entertaining and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personalized wine tour.

Steve D.
Reviewed June 1, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Having been to the Okanagan Valley before, we had a list of several wineries we knew we liked. Over two days our tour guides, Tom and Shalyn, surprised us with wineries we have never been to and would have otherwise overlooked. The guides have an excellent rapport with the wineries and their staff, cover your tasting fees, and occasionally those relationships allowed us to taste off-menu wines. We cannot recommend this company enough!

A word of advice: get the lunch charcuterie with this tour! One day we opted for the winery lunch and the other we chose the charcuterie and much preferred the personal touches included with the picnic style lunch.

Reviewed May 27, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Had a great day discovering Kelowna's local wineries with our very knowledgable and friendly guide Tom. He customised the day to our preferences and we weren't disappointed :) Will be recommending to all our friends!!

Casey Mason
Reviewed May 9, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Our very knowledgeable, very personable driver and guide, Tom, picked us up right on schedule for our 6 hour "Promise Ring" tour. We went to a great variety of places, large, small, new, established, highly polished, diamond in the rough. We learned about wine and winemaking, area history, heard about area "must sees", enjoyed getting to know our fellow tour members. We could imbibe without guilt - we didn't have to drive as we were picked up at our hotel and delivered back there. We didn't even have to carry the wine we purchased, as Tom took care of that too. Great service, great value!

Reviewed April 23, 2016

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We took the "Afternoon Romp" tour and had loads of fun. The best part of our tour was listening to our tour guide, Tom, who was friendly, extremely knowledgeable (about wine, the local wineries, and the area in general), and very down to earth. We enjoyed every winery that we visited and how they all had a different feel to them. Highly recommend taking this tour as there is no better way to spend the day!

Reviewed October 12, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We had too much fun on this tour. Tom was was too knowledgeable. His conversation was too amicable. He knows too many people and obviously everyone knows him (somms, proprietors, other tour guides) and enjoy a great rapport. The 'Afternoon Romp' was meant to be 3-4 vineyards and because Tom was so ridiculously generous with his time and wisdom we went to 5. So we actually went to too many vineyards as well. Oh, and the tour ended up being private so it was too customised and curtailed to our every whim. So only book with Wine Your Way if you enjoy this kind of thing. Which we did. Very much. Too much.

Alicia G.
Reviewed September 2, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

My friends and I had a great time on the afternoon romp! Tom is a great tour guide, very informative and fun. We visited 5 wineries, i definitely recommend!

Kelsey G.
Reviewed August 31, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Just finished the "Afternoon Romp" tour, guided by Tom. What can we say about this tour?... So much. It was fun, beautiful, and very educational. Tom gave a wonderful intro to wine touring in the Okanagan which supplemented the wineries individual stories. Our tour lasted 3 hours; 5 vineyards, one other couple, and Tom. It was an intimate experience and one we plan on duplicating next time we travel here. 

Special thanks to Megan at Sandhill (young, friendly, and great at picking the best wines for our pallets), Marilyn Merlot at Grey Monk (our first stop; a smiling face who really explained the wines and how the different wines were made), and most importantly Tom (the best tour guide: friendly, knowledgable, and made the tour as amazing as it was with great conversation and stories). 

Thank you Wine Your Way! We'll be back!

Reviewed August 31, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

My husband and I really enjoyed our wine tours with Wine Your Way, we were fortunate and had two tours in one week! We toured with Tom through the Naramata - loved the scenic drive. Tom has lived in Kelowna his whole life so was a perfect tour guide and found some amazing wines to take home. Our second tour was with Shaelyn, she read our crowd perfectly even though there were very different wine tastes. Shaelyn is a a sommelier and made great suggestions. She was friendly, funny and more than willing to make recommendations for dinner and other attractions. I would totally book with Wine Your Way again!! My only regret is not buying more delicious wine!!

Reviewed August 24, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

he tour Guide Tom was down to earth and knowledgeable about the different vineyards and had a great report' with the staff at the different vineyards. Overall an enjoyable experience and we'll rounded journey of the Okanogan growing community. Also best price around.

Reviewed August 23, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

I can't say enough about how I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Tom was an amazing tour guide with answers to all of our questions about the area, wineries and wines. The picnic lunch was delicious and the scenery of the stop he picked was gorgeous. Tom joked that we'd be asking him real estate advice by the end of the tour and my goodness I wish I could move there! Thank you so much Wine Your Way Tours I will be recommending your company to anyone I know headed in your direction looking for a fabulous tour company:)

Christina S.
Reviewed August 6, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

I went on the Afternoon Romp tour with a group of colleagues. Tom took us to some fantastic wineries and we had a wonderful afternoon. Highly recommended as a fun and relaxing way to spend your day in Kelowna. Shalyn was quick to respond to emails and easy to coordinate with when we were booking. I'd definitely book with them again.

Reviewed July 28, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

A group of 4 of us spend the afternoon with Tom and the promise ring tour. We learnt so much, seen some beautiful scenery, and found some some great wines to take home! We could not have asked for a better guide. We would definitely do this again! Thanks for a great day Tom!

Melissa G.
Reviewed July 26, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Went on a tour with my friends who lived in Kelowna for 5 year but never went on a wine tour. We had such a great time!!!

The tour was absolutely awesome. Our driver and a tour guide was Tom. He recommended the wineries and also drove us to one that was on our list. We went to Grey Monk, Durty laundry, intrigue, thornheaven, and 8th generation. Also had a lunch at 8th generation winery.

Tom knows a lot about wines and the area.

I would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone.

Reviewed July 10, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Tom was a great host could not ask for more! Highly recommended! Great price and will be booking another tour next summer!

Reviewed July 8, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

Tom was a great host! Enjoyed all the wineries, the information provided and the wine! Lots of water on the bus and liked that we weren't charged extra to be picked up/dropped off in our non-hotel location! Would definitely reccomend this tour company! Thanks!

Megan W.
Reviewed June 27, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

This was such an enjoyable tour. Tom was on time to pick us up and things just got better. A big thank you for providing lunch and going out of your way to address some dairy concerns!! The wineries selected were stellar, what a perfect way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to our next trip to Kelowna & going on another tasting tour!

Kevin L.
Reviewed June 25, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We had an excellent afternoon with Tom. He was informative, accommodating and entertaining. Exactly what we were looking for - a low key tour of small boutique wineries, excellent quality and friendly tour guide. We couldn't recommend Tom more. Thank you for a great afternoon.

Crystal R.
Reviewed May 29, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.

We had a fantastic day tour with Tom and about 10 other people. Tom was terrific. He knew the areas, the vineyards, history, sights, attractions, he was funny, informative and most of all, he knew his wine! We visited a number of wineries and had a lovely lunch at the 8th Generation Winery. Great company and lovely weather made for a super-fun day. Thanks again to Tom who made the day extra-enjoyable. Take care Santa! :)

Cris Chin
Reviewed May 22, 2015

*This is a personal review of a tour done with my previous employer.